The Guy Producers Love to Hate

WWBT (Richmond) Reporter Eric Perry bragged on social media how he went over the Producer's head to get an extra 10 seconds for his package. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 5.36.30 AM.png

First of all, why do you do your Producer like that? 

Why make fun of them on social media and act like that you can do what you want just by going over their head? 

Your package might have needed the extra 10 seconds, but this bullshit post did not need to happen. 

Last I looked, you and the Producer work at the same station. How do you think that person feels after reading this on Twitter?

TV news is a team game and you are hogging the ball.

If I was a News Director, Mr. Perry would just be added to my "Don Not Hire" list.