The Intern Did It

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If you want to look at the lowest position in the newsroom, look no further than the interns. 

Those wide-eyed kids that still think working in TV is an awesome future and they will make lots of money. Ha!

Anyone, in between getting the Anchors coffee and looking up file video, KWTV (Oklahoma City) intern Lauren Fox helped save a kid's life. 

On Father's Day, Fox walked into a small gathering at her mom, Shannon's, home. She quickly saw Zayden Martinez, a family friend, in the pool. She immediately knew something was wrong. 

"His arms were above his head and bubbles were coming out of his mouth," said Lauren.

Shannon said Zayden was at one time wearing "floaties", but had somehow slid them off. Despite having multiple adults supervising outside, the little boy ended up in pool. 

"We got him out of the pool, set him on the side of the pool and laid him on his back," said Shannon. That's when Lauren started directing her mom to do pediatric CPR. A skill she learned while out on a story with our own KWTV's Jessi Mitchell. 

"My mom started doing the CPR with mouth to mouth, and I was like no, no, no, no. Do compressions. Do compressions," said Lauren. Eventually, Zayden came to and the pair got the water out. 

Zayden's mom, Amber Taylor, said the two year old had to be in the hospital for about 5 days. But now her family is thankful that Zayden is doing well.

"If Lauren had not been there at that time that she was, it would have been a whole different story for us," said Taylor. 

This week, Fox was honored for her actions. EMSA director John Graham presented Fox with the Everyday Hero Award.

"It's so crazy that you would do this for me and make me feel so special because I don't feel like a hero. I know I pulled him out and helped him but I think anyone in that situation would have at least pulled him out," Fox said.

Here's the story the station did on their intern. And, you just know the other interns at the station are really, really pissed.