Back a June 28th, a man went into the Capital Gazette in Annapolis and started shooting people and killing 5 employees of the paper. 

Yesterday, Sinclair's WLOS (Asheville, North Carolina) decided to make that story about them. The station posted interviews with news employees that faced a dangerous situation while covering the news. 

Not sure why the station felt like they needed to highlight this, or give people any ideas, but this is the day of "All About Me TV" and I guess that's what you do. 

Anyone that has spent time in TV news has faced a dangerous situation, it's the job we signed up to do. 

The station features 7 Anchors/Reporters on their website, each of them describing their "close call" with death.  

Of course, each video starts out with a pre-roll advertisement.

Because, before you learn about how these people almost died, the station wants to make some money first. 

I'm sorry, but this seems exploitive, grandstanding and just downright wrong. 

Journalist need to remember, it's about the story and it's not about them. 

Here is the stories, if you want to sit through the rest of "All about me TV" here is the link.