DOJ Close to Signing Off on Sinclair/Tribune Deal


There is a buzz going around that Trump's DOJ is this.close to signing off on the Sinclair/Tribune deal.

In fact, some think it could come as early as today. 

The Fox Business Network reported that the company was looking for approval any day now. Fox is buying some of the stations being spun off to comply with FCC rules.

Once the DOJ signs off on the deal it will all but be rubber-stamped by the FCC. 

The FCC deadline for comment on Sinclair's fifth version of the deal was midnight last night. 

The FCC will almost certainly not make its decision until a reasonable period of time after the last comment comes in, for either the reality or appearance of considering all input before rendering a decision. 

It will be about "appearance" only, the FCC IS GOING to approve this deal. We'll bet the house on it.