From Indy to DC


WRTV morning Producer Haleigh Hoffman is leaving Indianapolis after 4 years and packing up for DC. 

Hoffman has landed a job at Washington's NBC O&O WRC. 

She started her career at WBND in South Bend and then moved onto WRTV in Indianapolis. Now, she is leaving Indiana for the first time in her TV career and headed to our Nation's Capital. 

Little known fact.... Hoffman and FTVLive have cats that look like twins. That's my cat on the left and Haleigh's cat on the right. 

Hopefully, Haleigh's cat will have no problem making the move to DC, because you know there is a guy in the White House that likes to grab pussy. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 3.43.51 AM.png