Bumped Up in Madison

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 5.49.30 AM.png

WKOW (Madison) morning Anchor Dani Maxwell is leaving the show, because she has now been bumped up to Content Manager at the station. 

Not sure what the "Contenet Manger" does, but it means she will no longer be anchoring. 

Maxwell takes over this senior newsroom management position, which will allow her to help guide overall direction and coverage decisions of the newsroom.

According to WKOW, Maxwell was an evening anchor and Content Manager with WREX in Rockford, Illinois before joining WKOW.

So if she could do both "Content Manager" job and anchoring in Rockford, why can't she do both in Madison? 

“I have absolutely loved working on Wake Up Wisconsin the past 6-plus years and am very excited about my expanded role at WKOW 27 News,” said Maxwell, “I can't wait to work more closely with our reporters and producers to bring our viewers new content they find important, informational and relevant. I'm also looking forward to sleeping in past 1:00 am!"

WKOW announced that Weekend Morning Anchor Nick Buffo (how's that for a name?) will takeover Maxwell's gig starting next week.