Sports Anchor vs. The GOAT

Most often when you hear a sports Anchor mention a goat, he is talking about the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).  You know like Jordan is over LeBron or Jack Nicklaus over Tiger Woods. 

But, when WRCB (Chattanooga) Sports Anchor Paul Shahen had a run in with a goat, it really was a goat. 

Shahen tells FTVLive that he was headed to work when he saw a runaway goat walking down the street towards his driveway. "

She belongs to a neighbor, so I started the journey with her to get her back home," Shahen told FTVLive. 

But in an effort to make the TV consultants happy and show his boss why he was late for work, Shahen streamed his goat episode on Facebook live. 

He edited down the chase to post on Twitter. 

Take a look: