CNN to Cut Back on Ads

CNN says that they are going to cut back on the ads during Jake Tapper's shows on the used to be cable news network.

The network claims that the cutbacks is not for lack of interest in Tapper's show, but it is a new plan that CNN wants to roll out. 

CNN says intends to cut back the number of commercial breaks on “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on weekdays and “State of the Union” on Sundays as part of a growing effort by many media companies to explore new ways to weave advertising with content and still make money off the relationship.

“It’s a first step,” acknowledged Katrina Cukaj, executive vice president of portfolio sales and client partnerships for Turner Ad Sales.

The idea is that with less commercials, maybe viewers might stick around more.

The shorter ad time is being tried by other networks as well. 

CNN says that if strategy proves attractive, the network might consider using it in other programs as well. 

H/T Variety