Cincy Anchor is Getting Death Threats

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Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that the Sinclair owned station in Austin, Texas had beefed up security because the station feared retaliation after the station Anchors were forced to read the Sinclair propaganda and Trump talking points. 

That isn't the only Sinclair station on edge. 

At WKRC in Cincinnati, Anchor Rob Braun said in a WKRC staff meeting that he's been getting death threats after his station started airing the statement by Sinclair's corporate bosses.

Braun, the station's main anchor for about 30 years, told coworkers that he's had his life threatened in person, and his family's life, since WKRC and WSTR started broadcasting the corporate-mandated statement read by Braun and co-anchor Cammy Dierking, according to colleagues who attended the meeting.

When Braun was contacted about the statements he made in the meeting, he said, "... I've been advised by my union and my attorney to say nothing publicly." 

Jon Lawhead, WKRC general manager and Sinclair Group Manager for Cincinnati and Dayton stations, said in an in an email, "I've never been threatened, and obviously have never told anyone that I was threatened." 

Just keep towing the company line, you know up until someone gets killed.