FTVLive's Response to Scott Livingston


In his memo to the Sinclair staff, Scott Livingston wrote this:

Honestly, most of the Sinclair critics don’t seem to do their own original reporting. Do you ever notice that a story written about Sinclair from a west coast publication will include a lot of the same talking points—often the same wording--- as a story written a week earlier on the east coast? These reporters aren’t producing original journalism...

We want to point out for the record that FTVLive reported FIRST how Sinclair was in hot water with the FCC (before that got FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in their pocket) when Sinclair stations got caught in a pay for play story about Huntsman Cancer Institute out of Salt Lake City. LINK

FTVLive FIRST reported that Sinclair was asking News Employees to donate to Sinclair's Political Action Committee. LINK  

FTVLive FIRST reported that Sinclair corporate has taken control of employee's social media and often post on there as if they are the employee. LINK

FTVLive was the FIRST to report that Sinclair was looking to sell stations to Fox Television. LINK

FTVLive was the FIRST to show people another memo sent out by Scott Livingston that blasted employees for showing their liberal bias. LINK

FTVLIve was the FIRST to report the email that Sinclair's boss sent to the Tribune employees. LINK

This is just a handful of stories that FTVLive reported before anyone else. A Google search will show there is many, many more. In fact, just typing "Sinclair FTVLive" into Google will bring up over 14,000 entries.  

While Livingston writes, "Sinclair critics don’t seem to do their own original reporting." FTVLive has been and will continue to do just that. 

I know others are just now starting to realize that Sinclair attempted monopoly could be a deathblow to local TV news, FTVLive has been on the story since day 1 and we will continue to cover this story as it develops. 

A Producer that works at a Sinclair station told this to FTVLive, "I became a journalist in hopes of reporting the truth and informing the public. However, working for this company I have come to realize I am just a pawn in their right wing propaganda. Something needs to change."

FTVLive is doing our best to give that Producer and others that are working at a Sinclair station a voice and a chance to try and tell people what is really happening inside this giant company that cares little about delivering the news and more about delivering THIER MESSAGE. 

Stay tuned...