EXCLUSIVE! DC News Director Arrested

 Paul Mcgonagle Mugshot

Paul Mcgonagle Mugshot

It appears that WTTG News Director Paul Mcgonagle has been keeping a bit of a secret from his staff. 

Last November, the Fox O&O News Director was arrested in Dare County, North Carolina for DWI and Possession of an open container according to court records obtained by FTVLive.

It also appears that his driver's license either is, or was suspended. 

 WTTG insiders tell FTVLive that Mcgonagle has made no mention of his arrest to his staff or his impending court date. 

 Mcgonagle's house in North Carolinia

Mcgonagle's house in North Carolinia

"I'm not sure anyone at the station knows about this," said one station insider to FTVLive. 

Mcgonagle has a house on the outer banks of North Carolina and that might explain why he was in the area last November. 

Court records show that he is scheduled back in court on June 7th to answer to the charges against him. 

Lucky for him the court date comes after the May book. 

Below are the court records that FTVLive obtained. Top right is Mcgonagle's mugshot after his arrest. To the right his a picture he posted of his house on the outer banks of NC. 

Stay tuned.... 

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