Photog and Cattle Wrangler

KOCO Photographer Chris Lee and Reporter Mecca Rayne were covering some wild fires when they came across a farm that was in the path of the fire. 

The news crew pitched in and help wrangle the cattle to a safe area. 

Lee posted to social media that, "We were working our way across the county trying to get to Vici, where residents were being asked to leave as the fire approached. Most of the rural homes we passed were already abandoned, but as we went by one farm, I saw a woman with a feed bucket trying to coax some cattle into a pasture. They weren't being particularly cooperative, so I stopped to help. 

The fire had burned around the house on Thursday. The east pasture was burned, but the area around the house and to the west had not. Now, because on the shifting winds, the fire was coming back and she was trying to move her cattle to the already burned pasture where they would be safe.

After helping move the cows, I went back to my truck for my camera, because...

Well because it's what I do."

Here's the video: