Ingraham Returns and So Does Ace


It looks like the big advertiser boycott of Laura Ingraham's show on Fox News is losing stream. 

Ingraham returned last week and won the ratings race with MSNBC's Lawrence O’Donnell a very close second and CNN a very distant 3rd. 

Not only did Ingraham win the ratings but at least one of her advertisers that boycotted her show has already returned. 

Ace Hardware says that it will resume its partnership with The Ingraham Angle and even apologized for having “incomplete information” that initially led them to pull out of her show.

“Advertising on any network or show, is in no way an endorsement from Ace of the content contained or spoken within that program,” the company stated. “We appreciate the different points of view from our customers, and believe people should be treated with respect and civility.”

In others words, Ace Hardware is trying to please all the people all the time and has absolutely no backbone what-so-ever.  

H/T Mediate