The Heat Continues on DC Anchor & Station


FTVLive FIRST told you about how WTTG (DC) Anchor Holly Morris criticized teenager Michael Brown who was accepted into over 20 very prestigious colleges, including Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

Instead of giving the Brown props, Morris attacked Brown saying that his applying to so many schools was "obnoxious" and "ridiculous."

Since FTVLive FIRST told the story, it continues to get traction in the press. It was a subject on "The Talk" and also written about on USA Today and a number of other outlets. 

The uproar continues and at least one of those on the set, did the right thing.  Sarah Fraser was on the set with Morris and was also talking about the story. She has since told Brown she was sorry for her comments. "I have apologized to Micheal and he accepted my apology," Fraser said on Twitter. "Micheal's accomplishments aren’t up for debate. I have learned a valuable lesson."

As for Morris, she has not said she is sorry. And as for WTTG? Brown's mom says that the station never said they were sorry.

Sources at the Fox O&O tell FTVLive that management is taking the approach of hoping to just ignore the story and see if it goes away.

What the hell is up with that?

Tell your Anchor to say she is sorry and issue an apology on behalf of the station. You guys took what should have been a very special moment for this kid and completely ruined it. At least be big enough to say you are sorry. 

Or just keep ignoring it. That's an awesome management practice.  

If you have not seen the video, here it is: