That Sinclair Script that Anchors are Being Forced to Read


This is a holy week, but it is also the week that Sinclair has forced Anchors at their stations to read some company propaganda that is based President Trump talking points against the media. 

Every day this week, Sinclair has demanded that Anchors read the script that the company has provided. The Anchors were told not to change the script and that Sinclair has thoroughly tested the script to make sure the words have maximin impact. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 5.03.22 AM.png

Some Anchors balked at reading the scripts and we called into the corner office and told that they need to do it. 

If you have not seen it read on air, here is an example from KBOI in Boise. 

I have a pit in my stomach as I watch these local Anchors tear down the rest of the media and claim that the press outside the Sinclair walls are biased and not doing a good job. 

How these Anchors sleep at night after reading this crap, I have no clue.