Trump Looks To CNBC for Economic Adviser

There is no doubt that Donald Trump watches a lot of cable news. 

Like most old people, Trump loves to tune into Fox News and then jumps around to see what the others got?

When his economic policy adviser Gary Cohn announced that he was leaving Trump's administration, it should come as no surprise that he is looking to a cable news channel personality to fill the job.

But, the President is not looking at Steve Doocy, or the guy that sits across from Steve Doocy to be his  Economic Adviser, he's looking to CNBC and more specifically Larry Kudlow.

Politico writes that Trump is now leaning heavily toward tapping the CNBC contributor and former Reagan administration official to lead the National Economic Council, the people said. 

One administration official said on Monday that an announcement could be imminent, perhaps within 24 hours. But others cautioned that the decision had not yet been finalized, adding that Trump has been known to change his mind without warning.

So, in other words, Steve Doocy, there is still a chance. 

How long before Sean Hannity is named Chief of Staff?