Sinclair's Deuce is Done in B-More

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Although there is been no official word, sources tell FTVLive that WBFF Assistant News Director Eric Eglin has left the building. 

Eglin has not been seen at Sinclair's Flagship station for nearly two weeks and the staff has been wondering where he is? 

But, sources tell FTVLive that Eglin has been telling people he no longer works at the station. 

You may remember that FTVLive reported on Eglin in October of last year. He was operating a side business where he acted as a sort of TV agent and coach. After FTVLive reported the story, the Sinclair bosses were pissed and he was told to stop. 

Now that he has left the station, it appears he has started the business back up. 

Sinclair, as it should come as no surprise has not commented on Eglin's absence from the station.