No Anchoring for You

The San Antonio Express-Journal writes that Japhanie Gray has joined KSAT as a Reporter.

Prior to getting hired at the ABC affiliate, Gray spent five years at the ABC station in Jonesboro, Arkansas — KAIT Region 8 News. There, she worked her way up from camera operator to producer to reporter and, finally, to fill-in anchor.

Now check out this quote from a station spokesperson as to Gray's hire and what her role will be? 

According to KSAT spokesman David Cuccio, there are no plans for her to anchor at this time. However, he added in an email: “Opportunities always exist for all our on-air staff … so there’s always a possibility.

"For all our staff"?

So the 63 year old Photog in the ripped T-shirt and dirty jeans still has an opportunity to anchor the newscast? 

I don't think so.