Moving from the Back Seat to the Anchor Seat


We'll admit that Anthony Ponce was our hero. 

He was passed over for a promotion at WMAQ in Chicago and he told the station he was done. He quit, walked out the station door and started a podcast. 

He decided to become a Lyft driver and while driving he would interview his passengers and put it on a podcast. 

No more TV, no more boss and it would be life after TV news on his terms. 

Ponce was telling Today's TV news to kiss off and for that, we gave him huge props. 

But, just like finding out Superman uses steroids, Ponce let us down. He going back to TV news and he's going back to the last place station in Chicago to Anchor their morning newscast. 

He will do the morning newscast at WFLD, the Fox O&O and the dog in the market. 

He walked away from an NBC O&O and crawled back to a Fox O&O. 

There are no more heroes in the world and there is one less in TV news. 

I'm sad...