The Plink Slip Express Pulls into CNN


After getting beat on a story inside his own network, CNN media critic Brian Stelter tried to play catch up yesterday. 

On Monday, Vanity Fair broke the news that CNN was going to start a round of layoffs by the end of the week. Yesterday, Stelter was stuck following VF and trying to get more details on the story at his own network. 

The cuts are happening at CNN digital and it is expected that almost 50 people are going to get the blade. 

According to Stelter, the reason for the cuts is that CNN set "financial targets were overly aggressive," and that CNN "tried to do too much too fast," in their digital department. 

Sounds to me that maybe the 50 people shouldn't get fired and maybe just fire the boss and hire someone that doesn't overshoot their financial targets and someone that doesn't try to do too much too fast. 

Why should 50 people lose their job because their boss sucks at doing theirs?

Just asking...