I Can't Believe That Sinclair is Doing This!


Sinclair made news a few weeks ago when they gave their employees a $1000 bonus and thanked Donald Trump for the tax break.

Well, now Sinclair is asking for some of that money back from their employees. 

Yesterday, an internal memo was sent out to Sinclair employees, asking for them to donate to the Sinclair PAC which will be used to support political candidates that put Sinclair's needs front and center. 

In the past, TV news people were long advised to stay out of the political donation game. In fact, if you did make a political donation, it could have landed you in hot water with the boss.  

A Journalist job is to report the news objectively and not to do anything that could look like you favor one side over the other. 

Now, the company running these news operations is asking those same Journalists to donate to the company's PAC.

What the hell is going on with this industry?!

This is not the way to run an objective news operation. Yet, this is what Sinclair is doing and this is the same Sinclair that the FCC will let take over the Tribune stations. 

Why is the FCC letting this company get bigger when it clearly has an agenda and can not be trusted to give viewers fair and honest news?

Because, Sinclair uses its PAC money to pad the politician's pockets and get the people elected that will put Sinclair's interest before that of the viewers. 

In the internal memo, Sinclair basically admits they have FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in their back pocket. 

The memo came with a warning, not to forward it to anyone. 


Here is the internal that was forwarded to FTVLive a number of times:  

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 5.04.38 AM.png