Out the Door in Sacramento

KXTV Reporter Frances Wang has not been on the air for a while at the Tegna station in Sacramento.

Yesterday, on her birthday, she confirmed the news that she has left the station.

Wang told viewers that it was her dream to work in her hometown and she got to live that dream. But now, she says she is moving onto a new dream. She has not yet said where she is headed.

By her own admission, Frances Wang will tell you that she is loud, or in her terms, she’s “extra.” But, she is hard not to like with an infectious personality and a love for life. She cares about people and she cares about the stories she tells.

We’re not sure where she is headed, but with her attitude and drive it is hard to see her not being successful in whatever she does.

This was her post to social media, confirming she has left KXTV.

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