The Best and Worst People in TV News for 2018


It is without a doubt the most popular thing that FTVLive posts.

Unlike the Emmys and other bought and paid for awards, this is one means something.

Each year, FTVLive picks the the Best and Worst people from the past year. There is only one Best and one Worst and we want your help to decide who they are?

FTVLive will look at your submissions and talk to some of the giants in the industry to get their thoughts. The list is then narrowed down to the 5 Best and 5 Worst.

When we post the list, the traffic goes crazy and of course the whispers begin in newsrooms across the country.

Being named the best is a huge honor. Being named the Worst is only because those people deserved it.

So email your submissions and stay logged on to FTVLive to see who makes the lists?