Matt Lauer to Late Night TV?

Is Matt Lauer looking to make a return to TV?

Life & Style Magazine reports in their Dec. 10 print issue that Lauer is eyeing a spot hosting a late night talk show.

“Matt’s pretty much begging for a second chance,” an unnamed “industry insider” told the tabloid. With such a strong desire to get back on air, the disgraced anchor is said to have reached out to another TV personality for help.

“[Matt] has been talking to his old colleague Bryant Gumbel, who has a sports show on HBO. He’s introduced Matt to a few execs, but that’s all he can do,” shared a source. “Bryant’s the first one to admit that it will be an uphill battle.”

If Lauer did manage to get his own show down the line, his past would likely need to be addressed on air, a source saying, “Matt would have to address his own issues, probably on the first episode. But if he does it the right way, he thinks the public will let him move on.”

I’m not sure which person is floating this idea as a trial balloon, but we here expect the balloon to pop. No real network is going to touch Lauer on this one. Sure, maybe some fringe network will, but the show would be a complete bust if they do.

Stay tuned…