Julie Vows to Stay with Les

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Despite a number of reports that show that former CBS CEO Les Moonves was a pig at work, his wife Julie Chen is standing by her man.

The New York Post says that Chen has vowed to stick by her disgraced husband and says they are “closer than ever” amid allegations of his sexual misconduct.

Chen is believed to have been struggling with the latest overwhelming accusations against the former CBS chief — amid fears it could break their marriage.

Over the past few months, the TV host was a “true believer” that all the claims of sexual misconduct against her husband were false, a source who knows the TV host told Page Six.

However, a spokesman for Chen tells us there are people out there with an agenda, adding: “Julie remains committed to her marriage and is focused on her family.

“In fact, this has drawn Julie and her husband as well as their entire family closer than ever. As for recent media reports, they are based on leaks that can’t be responded to.”

One of the biggest bombshell claims against Moonves is a report that says he kept a staff member on call for oral sex.

I would have loved to see that job title on a business card.

Moonves denies that claim and says that the sex was “consensual.”