NYT: Les Moonves Destroyed Evidence


The New York Times is out with another story on former CBS CEO Les Moonves and it does not paint a very good picture of Moonves or CBS.

The Times writes that Moonves, the chief executive of CBS, destroyed evidence and misled investigators in an attempt to preserve his reputation and save a lucrative severance deal, according to a draft of a report prepared for the company’s board.

The report, a copy of which was reviewed by The New York Times, says Mr. Moonves “engaged in multiple acts of serious nonconsensual sexual misconduct in and outside of the workplace, both before and after he came to CBS in 1995.” The report includes previously undisclosed allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

The lawyers who conducted the inquiry wrote that they had spoken with Mr. Moonves four times and found him to be “evasive and untruthful at times and to have deliberately lied about and minimized the extent of his sexual misconduct.”

As part of their investigation, the lawyers wrote that they had interviewed 11 of the 17 women who they knew had accused Mr. Moonves of misconduct or harassment and found their accounts to be credible. Most of the alleged incidents occurred many years ago.

Investigators are expected to present the 59-page report to CBS’s board ahead of the company’s annual meeting next week. The copy viewed by The Times was drafted in late November and could be adjusted before it is presented to the full board.

In other words, Moonves can kiss his $120 million severance package goodbye.

Stay tuned….