Is NBC's Hoda Kotb a Stalker?

We often hear of TV news people being stalked by fans. But, one guy is claiming that NBC’s Hoda Kotb is stalking him.

A man named Tracey Glover filed a lawsuit in New York this past August accusing Kotb of stalking and harassing him.

“Hoda Kotb stalked, harassed and stole monies from me that was allotted to me by Human Reproductive Research Center,” the court documents read.

Glover also claims that former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, teamed up with Kotb to scam him out of work.

Glover says that Kotb paid employers to reject his application and that so-called “whistleblowers” caught her in action.

You might be shocked to learn that he judge in this case dismissed the lawsuit after finding no merit.

You got way this time Hoda, but we are keeping our eye on you.

H/T Celebrity Insider