I will admit that when I saw this video, I have been going back and forth on my thoughts about it.

The Anchors at WAND (Decatur, Illinois) were doing a live stream on social media.

One viewer posted a comment saying that Anchor Meredith Juliet’s hair looked “stringy” and was not “Professional.”

Her Co-Anchor Matt Loveless then proceeds to call the viewer “a piece of garbage.”

Is that where we are now, when Anchors are calling their customers “garbage”?

I give props to him for sticking up for his co-worker, but did he need to go down to the viewer’s same level to do it? Also, can’t Juliet fight her own battles?

A lot of other TV people commented in the post, praising Loveless to calling the viewer “garbage.”

But, if have to say, when you decide to become a public figure like a TV news Anchor, you have to know that this kind of criticism comes with the job.

It’s like when a football team starts losing and the fans start yelling that the quarterback is a bum and fire the dumb coach. They know that’s part of the job.

Calling your viewers “garbage” is showing that you are willing to sink to their level and I ask, is that a good look?

I think Meredith Juliet’s hair looks fine and I think the comment was off base, but I have to say, calling the viewer “garbage” was also off base.

We all need to be better and I think Matt Loveless needs to realize that as well.

The again, I guess with a name like Loveless, you can’t expect much Love.

Just saying.

Here is the video if you have not seen it.