About That Memo...


Yesterday, FTVLive was FIRST to show you the memo that Tribune CEO Peter Kern sent to the staff telling them that they have been sold yet again.

Looking at the memo, we have to point you to something Kern wrote in paragraph 3 while talking about Nexstar:

“Nexstar has, in its own right, been a remarkable success story. Launched in 1996 with just one television station, WYOU in Scranton, PA, today it is one of the nation’s largest local TV operators.”

But let’s look at what happened to WYOU after Nexstar bought it.

What Kern failed to mention is that just two years after Nexstar bought the station, it became the red-headed stepchild of the market. Nexstar then purchased WBRE and made it the primary station of its duopoly. WYOU was "spun off' to Mission while still being operated by Nexstar. A decade later WYOU's news department would be shuttered.

Now both WYOU and WBRE now share a news operation and many people lost their job when the two stations were combined.

It’s not quite the success story that Peter Kern paints it to be.

Just saying…