Questions Surround Death of LA Anchor

Last week, FTVLive told you KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous was found unconscious in a hotel room in Glendale, CA and was later pronounced dead.

The call came into police as a possible overdose. An autopsy was done on his body, but the cause of death will not be made official until the toxicology reporters come back.

Burrous left behind a wife and a young child.

This much is known, Burrous was well liked by his peers and he was a damn good Reporter.

FTVLive has a history with Burrous that goes back years. He was one of the first people to sign up as an FTVLive Patron.

He has emailed us many times of the years.

When FTVLive FIRST broke the news that Jay Leno was going back to the Tonight Show at NBC, a story that FTVLive was way out in front on, Burrous reached out with a congrats email:

While FTVLive reports “good news” all the time, many think that every story we post is bad. Burrous saw that FTVLive posted both good and bad news and we praised people that should be praised and called out those that should be called out.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.12.42 PM.png

He also pitched some of the things he was doing to FTVLive, sometimes we used his stories and sometimes we didn’t. But, he was always giving us pithes and tips:

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.14.20 PM.png

Chris Burrous was a very likable guy and he cared about the industry. The outpouring by his peers on social media by his peers proves that.

But, at the same time, there are many unanswered questions surrounding his death.

Sources also tell FTVLive that the way KTLA found out about the incident was by Reporters from other stations calling the KTLA assignment desk asking questions about Burrous? That’s how the Tribune station learned of their Anchor’s death.

Burrous was found unconscious in the middle of the afternoon in a Glendale Days Inn with another man. Sources tell FTVLive that Burrous told his wife he was at a a Rose Bowl parade meeting on that day. “By evening she hadn't heard from him and was frantically calling newsroom,” our sources says.

Who was the other man in the room? One source says that he was a known to police before this incident.

The media has spent much time praising Burrous and there is no question that for the work he did it was deserved. But, it seems that no one is trying to get to the bottom line on his death?

If that was any Hollywood celebrity, you can bet money that KTLA would be all over the story, seeking the details behind the death. But, when it was one of their own, they gloss over the details.

Some are saying that Burrous led a double life and on the surface it appears that was the case. But, with the media ignoring the story and just trying to shine the light on the “good side” of Chris Burrous, the rumors ramp up as to what really happened.

As one station sider said to FTVLive, “He was a stellar Journalist, but he had major conflicts, demons and everyone trying to figure out the drug use?”

The media should tell the story, no matter how hard it is. You can bet if it happened to someone else, Chris Burrous would say the same thing.

KTLA has offered counseling to the staff that feel they need it. Now they need to offer answers through solid reporting to their viewers.

Just saying…