What's Up with That?

Elisa Hahn

Elisa Hahn

Many that work in TV news are looking to get out of the business. The odd hours, low pay and the lack of doing actual Journalism have many looking to leave and find a more stable and better paying job.

If you work for Tegna in Seattle it seems that many are finding that next career move at Boeing.

Over the past decade or so nine people moved from Tegna’s KING-TV to Boeing.

After 22 years at the station, Reporter Elisa Hahn signed off last week and heads to Boeing as the 9th KING staffer to do so.

Here are the others that made the jump. :

Bernard Choi, Corporate. Ex-reporter

Wilson Chow, Comm director. Ex NWCN reporter

Mark Erskine ex EP evening magazine

Doug Alder ex King news ep

Deb Feldman. Ex reporter, ex Reporter/writer

Shaniqua Manning. Ex King-NWCN anchor

Ed Muir. Ex NWCN met

Adam Tischler, Ex King photog.

If the Tegna staff is not headed to Boeing, their next choice is the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Here are the people that made that move:

Laura Newborn ex King Asst ND

Bart Treece ex King consumer producer

Lisa Mathieson. Ex King/NWCN met

Ally Barrera ex NWCN producer

Kris Olsen ex NWCN manager ( longtime employee at WSDOT)

Harmony Haveman ex King-NWCN producer.