Stopped Traffic

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 5.33.17 AM.png

Talk about being blindsided….

US Traffic Network (USTN) told their client TV stations on Friday that they were ceasing operations at the end of the day.

This news has a big impact on a number of TV stations that is trying to report traffic news this morning with no data.

Some of the stations that used USTN are 7 stations with Hearst, KRON and KGO in San Francisco, WESH in Orlando, KSNV in Las Vegas and a number of other stations.

All told about 40 stations have lost their traffic data and are fending for themselves.

Stations were given only hours of a warning and many of the stations used a USTN employee that was embedded at the station.

The future employment of those people remains unclear as they were not paid directly by the station.

This is a bullshit move, by a bullshit company that put a huge impact on people’s lives with just a couple of hours notice.