Now More Tomorrows at Today for Jeff Rossen

Jeff Rossen fronted the popular “Rossen Reports” for NBC’s Today Show, but that has come to an end.

Rossen’s contract was up last week and both sides could not come to terms on a new deal.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the sticking point, say sources, was Rossen's aspirations to expand his "Rossen Reports"-branded consumer segments into a multiplatform franchise.

Still, network sources stressed that he is leaving on good terms, with plans for Rossen to stay on until mid-January (his team of producers will continue on at NBC News).

He is still in production on multiple "Rossen Reports" segments, which air on Today and Nightly News, and he will take the "Rossen Reports" trademark with him. His aspirations are to build it beyond television and outside of the NBC News umbrella.