Tegna Selling Out Journalism to Make a Buck

Check out this post that is popping up in the Facebook timeline of some people:

It appears to be a news story done by Tegna owned WKYC in Cleveland. But them as you click on it, you see it is nothing more than an ad that is trying to separate you from your money.

By now, everyone is used to products being pitched all over the internet, but when it comes from a “trusted” news source it seems the line has been crossed and complete obliterated.

You go to the fine print of the ad and you see that it says this:

Of course, it’s a good bet that no one reads the fine print. So, is it worth selling out your news product and your Reporters and Anchors just to make a few bucks off this crap?

I for one say no and can only hope that other stations don’t go down this road.