Signing off in Dallas


After more than 30 years, KDFW (Dallas) Reporter Fil Alvarado says you can stick a fork in him….he’s done.

Alvarado spent 3 decades at the station and he did it all in the field reporting.

“People ask me all the time, ‘Don’t you want to be an anchor?’,” he says during a phone interview. “ ‘Or do something else at the station?’ But being a street reporter is what I’ve always enjoyed doing. You meet somebody new every day. I guess I’ve met thousands of people after all these years, and I’ve done thousands of stories.

“Some were pretty basic news stories, like ‘the City Council decided to do this today and this is how it’s going to affect taxpayers’,” he continues. “But then there are the stories that you get to tell about people. And that’s really what I enjoy the most.”

It’s hard to decide whether to ask him why he’s retiring now — or why, and how, he’s managed to stick around so long in one place.

“That is kind of rare, I guess, in broadcasting or in the media in general,” Alvarado says. “I don’t think you stay 33 years anywhere if you don’t like what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. And certainly, you have to enjoy the people you work with. And those three reasons are why I’ve stayed so long.”

He signs off for good on Jan 3rd.

H/T Star Telegram