Tegna Station Plays Hide the Pickle

How slow was it at WFMY in Greensboro?

This slow…

Anchor Meghann Mollerus said that she “crunched through the facts” to “verify” the story about the Christmas tradition of hiding the pickle.

This is different from the hide the pickle game you guys maybe more used to.

According to Mollerus and her “Verify” report, she said that in her childhood, her grandfather hid a pickle ornament in his tree, and the first grandchild to find it received an extra little gift from St. Nicholas.

Ok guys, clean up that mind of yours.

The station then writes, “This might be more of a German American tradition than one that is rooted in Germany, but even Santa confirms Christmas traditions are whatever you make them.”

So, in a “Verify” report, you quote Santa?