Sinclair Anchor to Appear on Survivor

Rick Devens anchors the morning news at Sinclair owned WGXA in Macon, GA.

He was given the opportunity to be a cast member on CBS’s show Survivor, despite the fact that he works for a ABC/Fox affiliate.

Sources tell FTVLive that station management allowed him to take a hiatus from the station during filming in Fiji.

Word is that Devens came back to the morning show looking very thin in late July and told local viewers and station employees that he had been gone hiking in the Appalachian mountains and sources say he made no mention of the shooting of Survivor.

Word is the bosses hope that even though he is appearing on another network, viewers will flip the channel to see him in the mornings.

Stay tuned…

This much is clear, no one is more prepared to be on Survivor than those that work at a Sinclair station.