Tegna Goes Dark on Dish (updated)


A retrans pissing match is going on between Tegna and the Dish network.

Tegna’s 47 stations were blacked out to Dish’s subscribers and now the finger pointing starts.

“Tegna has worked hard over the course of months to reach a fair, market-based carriage agreement with Dish, something we have successfully done with hundreds of cable and satellite providers across the country with no disruption of service. It is disappointing that we have been unable to reach such an agreement with Dish to support our ability to bring viewers high-quality news, sports, weather and entertainment programming,” Tegna said in a statement.

Eventually, the two sides will come to agreement in which they will never discuss the the details, then in a few months Dish customers will notice that their cable has increased and wonder why?

And yet broadcasters are still perplexed as to why so many people are cutting the cord.

Update: The two sides reached an agreement and as we said would happen, details were not given.