A Note from the Boss

NBC CEO Steve Burke sent a end of the year memo to the staff, proving that Steve Burke has too much time on his hands.

Here is what he wrote:

It’s hard to believe,

but it’s that time of year,

When CEOs write their notes

that speak of holiday cheer.

Should I paint a nice picture

that makes you warm and happy?

Or be a grumpy CEO

and make you feel crappy?

I could compliment you

about all your hard work,

Or bug you about budgets,

and sound like a jerk!

During 2018 our businesses mostly rocked,

But it did not feel at all good

when Disney got Fox.

We welcomed Sky –

but please let no one reveal

That we won it from picking suitcases

on Deal or No Deal.

If you must know –

how did our businesses really do?

Then, pay close attention

and we will review …

We started the year with the Olympics

and a metric called “TAD.”

Either a genius invention,

or a sign that we have gone mad!

Hats off to MSNBC on the best

primetime 25-54 ratings ever,

The way you slice and dice ratings

by daypart is oh so clever!

From TODAY to Nightly,

NBC News has talent by the gallon

And in late night, it doesn’t get better than

SNL, Meyers and Fallon!

Our wonderful Theme Parks had

a stellar year, despite natural disasters …

We’re sad about Osaka’s Typhoon,

but thankful we’re also broadcasters!

Telemundo beat Univision

and continued their roll

While coverage of World Cup

had us all shouting “gooooooooaaaal!”

With Jurassic, Mamma Mia, and the Grinch –

our films shined with luster,

Now the pressure is on to make

How to Train Your Dragon a blockbuster!

And even though Skyscraper

did not quite deliver,

We come back next year

with Pets 2 in our quiver.

New Amsterdam and Manifest

gave NBC new hits again,

After six years as number one –

we should all shout … Amen!

Congratulations to USA on The Purge

and that creepy show Sinner,

Which I would advise you to avoid

while you’re eating dinner.

So, as we approach holiday trips

and the time to say bye-bye,

I am seriously considering

finally taking off my tie.

And while you all go off

to relax, swim or ski …

Maybe, just maybe, next year

we will announce our plan for OTT!

While I am excited each year

that our business always rises,

It’s the people of NBCU-ville

that make my heart grow three sizes.

Happy Holidays from me

to each and every one of you,

A Grinch toast “to kindness and love”

… and thanks for all that you do!

Steve Burke
CEO, NBCUniversal