Just Two Weeks Left?


NBC sources tell FTVLive that Andy Lack, chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, is down to just a couple of weeks left on his contract with the Peacock.

Insiders think that NBC is not going to renew the deal and the idea that they have gotten down to just a couple of weeks left, without doing so is very telling.

Often you will see someone in this position sign a new deal with months left on the current contract.

The fact that it has gotten this close to the end of his contract with nothing signed is saying that NBC might be looking to make a change at the top.

While Lack returned to NBC under great fanfare, it has been a rocky ride at best.

His biggest failure is by far and away, bringing in Megyn Kelly and putting her on the Today Show. Kelly was a financial and ratings bust and NBC is going to end up paying her millions to go away for good.

Then there is Lack’s handling of Ronan Farrow. While at NBC, Farrow was working on his blockbuster Harvey Weinstein story. But, NBC spiked the story, Farrow to it NY Mag and the rest is history.

There have been many more stumbles along the way and it appears that NBC might just move in a different direction.

Don’t be surprised if NBC just lets Lack fade into the woodwork and he quietly goes away.

Stay tuned…