This is Sinclair....

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FTVLive FIRST told you that Sinclair’s WTVC (Chattanooga) had fired Reporter Alex George while she was taking some time off to battle cancer.

After the cancer diagnoses, George told viewers, "I'm going home to Philadelphia to kick some cancer butt and come right back here," the then-22-year-old reporter said. "The community here and the people have just become so ingrained in my life."

While she was continuing her cancer fight, Sinclair sacked her and she will not be returning to WTVC.

As for firing an employee while she is fighting cancer, WTVC representatives declined comment, but a New York-based public relations firm representing Sinclair said in a statement that the company offers benefits beyond what is legally required.

Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Then the company added, "Sinclair and the WTVC family will continue to pray for Alex's recovery, and we wish her and her family the best," a spokesperson wrote in an email. "While these situations are never easy, we believe that our long term disability policy is extremely competitive and reflects our concern for our employees who become ill or suffer from other issues."

You fire a poor woman involved in a cancer fight and then say, it’s ok because we have a “long term disability policy is extremely competitive.”

As for George, the 23 year old spends her days either receiving chemotherapy treatments or recovering from their draining side effects back home in Moorestown, New Jersey, with her parents.

She was told her particular type of cancer is difficult to find. She was misdiagnosed three times, she said. It's rare, affecting a couple hundred people per year, or about one in a million.

Getting screwed over by Sinclair?

Those odds are much better.

H/T Times Free Press