Is CBS Going to Blow Up the Morning Show again?

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It used to be that every two years CBS would blow up their low rated morning show and start over.

The show never got the chance to get any traction and CBS would overhaul the entire thing.

Then CBS seemed to get smart, they made a change and stuck with it and it seemed to be working. The Early Show with Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose was still last in the ratings, but they started to grow and audience. CBS was not blowing it up and it was proving to be the smart move.

But Charlie Rose got caught with his pants down (literally) and CBS let him go. The momentum seemed to wain and now the CBS suits are looking to blow the whole thing up and start over again.

“There are real discussions about just starting over — anchors, format, producers. Everything is on the table,” said an insider to Page Six

The news comes as the show’s executive producer, Ryan Kadro, is negotiating his exit.

Sources close to Kadro are furious that his exit — revealed Wednesday — is being portrayed in the press as if it were linked to a settlement the network made with three Rose accusers, which was made public the same day. A network insider insisted to Page Six that the timing really is just an “unfortunate coincidence,” and CBS said, “These conversations are unrelated to the settlement.”

Stay tuned….