Newly Hired MMJ Starts GoFundMe Page

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If you are starting out in TV news, then you know, the job does not pay well.

But, what if you have landed a new job and don’t have the money to get there?

Belynda Wesley graduates from college today here in Florida and has landed her first MMJ job in Indiana.

Along with going to school, Wesley also works as a driver for Uber Eats, but she says that money is not going to get her to her new gig in Indiana.

So, Wesley has started a GoFundMe page to try and raise enough money to go to her new job that will pay her next to nothing. This is the reality of TV news.

She says that the money raised will help:

-Assisting with the fees of getting an apartment

- Fix my 9 years old 2008 Nissan Altima... let's just say the jumping at stop signs is a good sign not to take it on the highway.

- Winter preparation

-Getting a small U-Haul to attach to my car.

See when you live in Florida, “Winter Preparation” is a real thing. We don’t have coats, or gloves or hats for the cold Weather.

I have no clue if Belynda Wesley is going to make it in this cruel business or not, but I give her credit for reaching out and asking for a little help to get the journey started.

I gave her a few bucks and if you would like to do as well, here is her GoFundMe page.

I never forget loading up a Uhaul truck in New York and crossing the country to my first TV job in Tulsa. I was so excited to start my life in TV news. It is cool to see someone so young, starting that same adventure.

Boy, she really has no clue yet does she? And yet that’s what makes it so refreshing.

This was her post to her social media and if you can, help the young lady out and give her some credit for asking.

Good Luck Belynda, you really have no idea what you are in for, but I can promise you, it will be one hell of a ride!

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