Rising from the Ashes?

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When WXIA Anchor Vinnie Politan left the Tegna station, many wondered what he was up to?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution writes that Ploitan become the lead anchor for a revival of Court TV.

Atlanta-based Katz Broadcasting, part of E.W. Scripps, purchased the intellectual property of Court TV from Atlanta-based Turner Broadcasting including the trademark, website and complete, original 100,000-hour Court TV library.

“This was by far the best fit that could keep me in town and do what I love,” said Politan, a former lawyer and prosecutor. “It’s really full circle. The last time I felt this excited was when I got the call from Court TV the last time.”

The network said it will offer live, gavel-to-gavel coverage, in-depth legal reporting and expert analysis of the nation's most important and compelling trials.

Court TV will re-launch in May 2019 and be offered to cable, streaming over the air and satellite services. The network already has commitments that will cover about 50 percent of U.S. television households at launch, with cable carriage of 25 percent of U.S. cable homes. There is no home yet in Atlanta but the company expects to find one before launch date.