Tegna announced that they have found a location for their new studio.


As you know, KHOU decided to leave their old studios after they were flooded during hurricane Harvey.

The station announced that they are headed to 5718 Westheimer in Houston.

But, some station staffers are a bit worried about the company’s pick as to where to move.

It seems that 5718 Westheimer is also the location of the Saudi embassy in Houston.

Since Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul some KHOU staffers think setting up shop next to them is not a wise move.

Clearly the circumstances are different, but a Journalist was believed to be murdered at the hand of the murdered the Saudi crown.

Some feel it’s best to find another location.

We’re not sure it is apples to apples, but at least some staffers have raised concerns.