Reporter Wins Big Money in Lawsuit Against Tribune

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half a dozen years ago, FTVLive told you that Kurt Knutsson had sured KTLA and it’s parent company Tribune in a breach-of-contract and age-discrimination lawsuit.

Well, it took years, but Knutsson, know to viewers as “Kurt the Cyber Guy” was awarded $3.9 million bucks.

He talked at a press conference with his lawyer Gloria Allred. “I could not stop crying,” Knutsson said, “I was overwhelmed because I was finally vindicated,” the now-Fox & Friends contributor added.

“I felt that the jury understood all that I had endured,” he said. “I had spent 14 years building a national brand as ‘Kurt the CyberGuy.’ KTLA took everything I had built away from me overnight.”

It took years after he was fired by KTLA but he got his day in court and he got a big pile of cash.

But, he can’t start spending the money just yet.

“We respectfully disagree with the verdict and intend to appeal,” Tribune spokesperson Gary Weitman said.

This is all happening while Tribune is posed to take in over over $4 billion dollars from Nexstar in a deal for Nexstar to buy Tribune.

When you are getting over $4 billion dollars, can’t you just give the guy you screwed over years ago a few million and be done with it?

Just saying…