M-I-A in Houston


Houston viewers have been wondering where KTRK morning Anchor Samica Knight has been.

She has not been fired, but she has been in the hospital.

Knight went on social media to tell viewers that she has been sick in the hospital, but she didn't go into detail about the length of her stay or her illness.

In one of her recent posts, she said she would be back next week.

"I can't wait to get back, actually," Knight said in the video from her hospital room. "I need a change of scenery. I feel much better and thank you for checking on me. I'll explain everything. I promise."

The station has not returned calls requesting comment.

Judging from Knight's Facebook posts, she has gone back and forth throughout her recovery process.

Knight first posted about her illness on Oct. 15, saying she became ill after a vacation. Later that day, she posted a photo of her arm during what appeared to be a blood draw with the hashtag "#dehydrated."

In her next post, on Oct. 18, she appeared to be feeling better and back at the station. Then, on Wednesday, Knight posted her first of two videos from the hospital, saying she missed the viewers and planned to come back soon.

"I'll see you very soon... like... tomorrow morning," she said.

Hours later, Knight posted another video from the hospital saying she's getting more rest and plans to return next week.

"Feeling good but resting a little more," she said. " Thanks for your prayers."

H/T Houston Chronicle