Boris Weigh's in on Jim Acosta

Sinclair mouthpiece and Donald Trump cheerleader Boris Epshteyn gave his take on the riff between the White House and CNN over Reporter Jim Acosta.

Epshteyn says that “That to be invited to question the President on White House grounds is a privilege, it is not a right.”

Hey Boris, it’s not a privilege, it’s their job. It’s not like you are going to the White House for lunch and tea. The press is there to do a job.

Also, last I looked Boris, the White House is owned by the the people of the United States and not Donald Trump. A Reporter assigned to cover the White House has every RIGHT to be that as much as the guy currently living there.

Also, you made no mention of the doctored video that was tweeted out by Sarah Sanders. Don’t you think that was also part of the story?

Here’s Epshteyn’s take that was a “must run” across the Sinclair stations.