White House Pulls CNN Reporter's Press Credentials

Before we get to this story, let’s be honest and say that we don’t like the job CNN’s Jim Acosta does. Acosta wants the story to be about him and his ego can rival that of Donald Trump’s.

That being said, what happened to the CNN Reporter is wrong and it shows how the White House wants to control and manipulate the media.

Acosta and the President faced off yesterday as Trump talked about the midterms. Trump was dodging Acosta’s questions and Acosta continued trying to ask them. A White House aide then tried to remove the mic from Acosta as he pulled it away.

Here’s the video:

After the incident, the White House pulled Jim Acosta’s press credential. WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted a tweet confirming that Acosta was banned:

She followed that tweet with another that clearly shows edited video to make it appear that Acosta karate chopped the aide’s arm when she trying to take the mic. A look at the unedited video clearly shows that he did not and was just pulling the mic back away from her as he asked his question.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of Jim Acosta and I don’t think he is very good at his job. But, this is his job and the idea that the President of the United States is trying to stop a Reporter, any Reporter from doing his job, should scare the hell out of people.

This is the kind of thing that you see happen in Russia or North Korea, not here…. well at least not until now.

I don’t like the guy, but I fully love Freedom of the Press and for that reason alone, FTVLive stands behind Jim Acosta and CNN.