Laura Loomer who was this/close to becoming a Reporter at at KVVU in Las Vegas, loves to push her right wing conspiracy theories on her social media.

This is one of her latest gems.


First of all, let me point out that 15 years ago I and many other people named their WiFi router “FBI Surveillance Van” as a joke.

The idea that she thinks that the FBI would stake out GOP party in Minnesota is crazy enough. But, then to think that they would name their WiFi “FBI Surveillance Van” is full tin foil hate type stuff.

Also, as for the cell reception being “jammed”?

I go to the gym everyday and I can’t get a signal inside the building, I would not call that “jammed.”

The again, I do notice there is a van parked outside almost everyday I go there.

Hmmmmmm….. “FBI Surveillance Van” perhaps?

The thought that this woman was almost hired by a TV station is very scary.